Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Angel (Tier 1)

Bunny witch akane & Pumpkin Ika Musume fan art

I had so much fun painting these halloween themed fan arts from anime shows, adding some golden ratio to the composition, took ten hours painting each one trying my best to make them look like the original characters, with Akane (the one on top) i tried to make a perv looking to her.

I hope you can help me!



  1. Hi, these are great, I especially like the bottom one.
    In the top one, it's a hard pose to pull off, I suggest you use reference, and if you can't find any just photograph yourself!
    The arm especially is problematic.
    Alex Negrea has a gumroad tutorial called Visual Library Building Exercises for Character Artists, it's great for improving poses from the imagination.
    Just my 2 cents, great job overall, lots of effort put in!