Saturday, November 21, 2015

Yigit Isik - Tier 2

Hey James, here's two production paintings depicting ancient Egyptians collaborating with aliens to build the pyramides and stuff.  Looking forward to your feedback!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Aaron Wilkerson - Tier 2

Hi James. First was done for a contest on a theme Black Church. The 2nd was one that I had hopes for but abandoned. 3rd was for a client with a very specific brief.
If you would like to do a more in-depth crit on one, you can go for the 1st or 2nd pic, whichever you think you can fix more.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Bruno Ortan Tier 2

Hello James I'm rly sorry for posting this late. I didn't see the invitation and because I had a lot of work for school I couldn't post anything. Here are two of the paintings I did for class. I couldn't finish them as I wanted but I'm looking forward to your critique. The maze one is a photobash and the other is done just using brushes. Thanks

Ananda C. Arán - tier 1

Hi James, sorry I'm late, here are two nearly finished images. They're very much in my comfort zone of environments with architecture and other than a bit more detail I don't know how to keep improving.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Dennis Houwers-Tier 3

Hello James. I got inspired after playing AC-Syndicate and decided to make a fan-art piece. Any tips on how to create more realistic / dramatic lighting and shadows would help a lot as well as tips on how to further render the piece to it's final stage. Thanks, and looking forward to the paint-overs!

Jasza Dobrzanski - Tier 2

Hey James,
I'm sorry for being late with this, that food truck piece gave me a lot of trouble, so I kept reworking it and changing things. I'm looking forward to your critique.

Andreas Kjær-Jensen - Tier 1

Hey James, I hope I'm not too late, I had somehow made myself believe that I had more time to turn in my pieces.

An alien spaceship design (mix of 3D and 2D)

And a robot

I am primarily looking for feedback on design and presentation.

justin donaldson t1

Another in my egyptian series; the temple of Hathor. This one is going to be pure background to a scene with nefertiti talking to a dung beetle.

Elodie Jean Tier 2

Sorry I am late...

Mainly, I would like some advice about texturing and lighting for the first one.
The second piece is an old work, I tried something different and I would like continue in this way but I am stuck.

I am very happy with your feedback, thanks a lot!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Cory Carrilio Tier 3

Eric Hu - Tier 2

Hey James. I'm trying to build a portfolio with a couple of strong pieces that could help me break into the industry. Area of focus: concept art and illustration. Any help is appreciated :)


Seif Ragab - tier 2

hello James these are my submissions for this month

Jenny Tan - Tier 4 ($50)

Hey James,
Last critique for a while, I'm quite new with sci-fi and tech overall, any help is appreciated!


Tim Begent - Tier 4 ($50)

Hi James,
A big thanks for your reviews so far - they have been incredibly helpful. One of my best design investments I have ever made - very much appreciated! Thanks as always for the time, effort and patience!
My piece for this month.

High res @:

Daniel Pollok -Tier 4(50$)

Eric Martin - Tier 3

Hey James, i was hoping you could give me any pointers on design on this character. I wanted to make a military space suit design to be resistant to shrapnel and has rig on the back that has propulsion arms on the back for maneuvering. I wanted to make it intimidating and spidery. Thanks again.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Robert Ryminiecki- Tier 4

Hi James,

Here is my piece for this month. I want to improve my environmental skills and I know that  you are one of the best who can help me! Really looking forward to it.


Juan Pablo Roldan - Tier 3

Hello James,

So glad to receive your feedback! :)

This month I want to get your opinion on this particular image,  what happens to me in this picture is the same that I see on many of my works, I feel it is a little boring, I'm not sure by the lighting and many other aspects, I would love to know how to improve my work with color and especially the lighting. Thank you very much for this opportunity!  I'm happy! :)

Note: Sorry for my english! :p

Peter Bara - Tier 2

Hi James,
Thank you for the opportunity! : )
The first is a classic "lizardmen shaman" concept
The second  was made for a client who wanted some kind of molten hellhound driven by fury

Phil Booth - Tier 4

Hi James,

I'm currently studying at FZD in term 2, this was an assignment from Vis Comm which I decided to take from line art to a final portfolio quality finish.

The original assignment was to design a defense structure for an RTS of your choosing. In this case I went for the trusty machine gun turret, and set my RTS on the moon in an Apollo era USA v Soviets Command and Conquer type game.

Feedback on design, execution, and presentation would be gratefully received. Many thanks.

edit: added a higher res version

Friday, November 6, 2015

Jason Cumbers - Tier 4

Hi James, This month I started learning Modo and started with a simple 3D base (1st image). As always I look forward to your critique. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tier 2 - Ryan Woodhouse

 A huge alien mummy / relic that has been brought into a lab to be examined. I wanted it to feel more film like, and to show more of an overview shot of the entire lab.
A black smith that has the ability to infuse weapons with magic, the main focus is the furnace. I wanted this piece to be more geared toward games. 

looking forward to your feedback,



Jorge Carrero - Tier 2

Hello, everyone! Super excited to be here! Here are my two pieces, they're from one of my last assignments. I hope I'll have time to create some new pieces specifically for Critique by next month. Looking forward to hear what and where to improve!

Stefanie Odendahl – Tier 2 – Nov 15

Thank you James for this great opportunity to get some critique from you – I'm really looking forward to it...

Angel – this is for the ArtOrder tribute to Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell – therefor the bright colors... I really fought hard with this one. My colors are usually much more muted – even if I like it that colorful – but it is very hard to make it work for me...

Still Breathing – this one is for the ArtOrder challenge Artist inspire a revolution – it's about air-pollution.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sergey - tier 1

Hi, first time post, really excited!
I want to hear all of your opinions', not just the Master's... ;-)
So critique away!



Dominick Critelli - Tier 2

Angel (Tier 1)

Bunny witch akane & Pumpkin Ika Musume fan art

I had so much fun painting these halloween themed fan arts from anime shows, adding some golden ratio to the composition, took ten hours painting each one trying my best to make them look like the original characters, with Akane (the one on top) i tried to make a perv looking to her.

I hope you can help me!


Thomas Tier #2 - "Foreigner"

I'm sorry, I didn't manage to find more than 8 hours to paint for myself these past weeks..
This concept is relative to a video game idea a friend kindly pitched me : in this game you play an "astrominor" and you need to explore and collect minerals, but you end up understanding that those minerals form a civilization/architecture that you are actually destroying when you collect ressources (yay! a fun theme!). So I played with the organic/mineral/architecture theme :)  and ended up unhappy with how flat  and symmetrical it looks.
 Any advice would be super appreciated :)
 Thanks !

Monday, November 2, 2015


Hello Everyone,

And welcome to the October session of Critique!!! We ask you to post your work here for review, and we have just a few notes for you:

- In the title, please include your Name, & Patreon Tier Group #
- Please only submit the maximum allowed pieces, depending on your tier group.
- Please submit all submissions no later than: 11:59pm November 10th 2015, Pacific Time

Thank you again, and we're really looking forward to the group!